Cyberbullying And Suspension : Cyberbullying Essay

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Cyberbullying and Suspension
Cyberbullying, the new technological way teens are harassing their classmates. The word, Bully, dates back to the 1530s. Most basic bullying involves two people, an intimidator and a victim. The bully or intimidator then physically, verbally or by other means assaults said person in order to gain power and/or control over the victim (Donegan 33). Cyberbullying is not only easier than traditional bullying, but it allows the offender to mask their identity and not see the physical response of their victim (Donegan 33). The use of technology has caused bullies to say and post crueler things. Students who commit cyberbullying should be suspended from school because it creates anxiety, low self-esteem, and depression and encourages retaliation.
Anxiety about going to school can cause missing class which will in turn lead to bad grades. Victims of bullying, especially adolescents feel uneasy about trying to learn when they know that their cyberbully is in the same room. Anxiety disorders are the most common disorders with victims of cyberbullying with 31.9% (Merikangas et al.). This anxiety can cause these students to not go to school or any social event. Students who were once involved in many activities and had a lot of friends will suddenly withdraw. Victims of cyberbullying are not only tormented online but when they go to school it’s just as bad, if not worse. 13% of students reported concern about having to go to school the next day…

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