Essay about Cyberbullying : A 21st Century Health Care

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Carter, Jemica M., and Feleta L. Wilson. “Cyberbullying: A 21st Century Health Care
Phenomenon.” Pediatric Nursing, vol. 41, no. 3, 2015, pp. 115–125. CINAHL Complete,

The authors of this article conducted their research in order to find out just how common cyberbullying is among individuals aged 10-18 years. In order to do so they monitored the “daily use of technology that could be used to cyberbully peers.” They found that “30% of participants had been bullied during school, and 17% had been cyberbullied.” Their research brought to attention that 92% of participants had access to computers, 88% to email accounts, 82% had social media accounts, and 79% used cell phones. They also discovered that these numbers did not change very much in differing areas of the United States.

A cyberbully is a psychological bully, sometimes without a face, that is conveyed through electronic mediums such as cell phones and computers. People are becoming more and more aware of cyberbullies as the number of victims grows. Just like traditional bullying, cyberbullying can and will result in both physical and psychological harm and is associated with emotional distress and depression. Cyberbullying can also be linked to sudden behavioral problems in adolescence like picking up alcoholic or cigarette habits. It is an…

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