Cyber Warfare Between The United States And Russia Essay

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Drawing from authors like Jason Andress who is an academic teacher and a professional security expert, the book Cyber Warfare states that “The U.S. military does not have a definition for cyber warfare today” (53). While this work was published in 2014, it is still a fair assessment into today. According to the CCDCOE, again on their webpage “Cyber Definitions,” cyber warfare as agreed between The United States and Russia is defined as “cyber attacks that are authorized by state actors against cyber infrastructure in conjunction with government campaign.” The two nations also define cyber attacks in the same agreement to mean “an offensive use of a cyber weapon intended to hard designated target.” Finally, the two nations define cyber weapons to mean, “software, firmware or hardware designed or applied to cause damage through the cyber domain”. One may wonder more about how these two countries came to these definitions by which the CCDCOE has listed them.
These definitions are all taken from an important agreement between the leaders of the Russia and the United States in June of 2013 to begin cooperation with regard to cybersecurity. It may be noted that a beginning to agree to cooperate is a far cry from a commitment to cooperate or an actual treaty. The big takeaway from all of this is that there is no rulebook which all of the nations of the world have agreed to play by with regard to cyberspace, despite it being fair to say that surely any nation could perceive a need…

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