Essay about Was American Imperialism Morally Justifiable?

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Was American imperialism morally justifiable? While many would think the answer would vary based on a person’s ethics and values, factual evidence shows us the commonly self-important motives of the United States during this time period. Despite these indications, we also see how some events pertaining to the “Era of Expansion” benefited both sides. To me, American imperialism was not only commonly sneaky, but, for the most part, immoral. The following paragraphs will show some examples of American imperialism in action and explain both the negative and positive factors that have helped me reach the conclusion that American Imperialism was a dishonest series of events. The following two events take place slightly South-East of the United States; more specifically, the Caribbean Sea.
"By far the most important action I took in foreign affairs during the time I was President was related to the Panama Canal,"
- Theodore Roosevelt.
To both the government and people of the United States, it was certain that a canal from the Pacific to Atlantic Ocean was necessary for expansion of the growing country. The situation in Panama begins with a revolution against Columbia. “The presence of the USS Nashville and the use of bribes allowed a successful revolution. In one day and with only one death, the new Republic of Panama was born.”(See Panama Canal Link 1) The company of the USS Nashville merely supported the Panamanians and their revolt and showed the aggressors that the US had a…

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