Cyber Bullying Is Becoming More Popular Essay

1648 Words Jun 8th, 2015 null Page
Have you ever been a witness of or seen cyber bullying occur on social media? Cyber bullying happens every day through the progressive use of social networking. Seventy percent of young people are victims of cyber bullying. When tees participate in social networking its considered one of the main attributes causing cyber bullying. Cyber bullying via social networking has become part of the school environment; to counteract this problem schools need to involve local police departments, provide education on this issue, and imply effective prevention methods. Bully prevention in the United States have been around for many years however cyber bullying has occurred rapidly through the more recent years due to the advancement in technology. Cyber bullying is becoming harder to control due to how progressive social networking has become. Cyber bullying occurs when a person (often teenagers) is bullied, harass, humiliated, threatened, embarrassed or targeted in some way by another person (Why is cyber bullying so popular 1). Cyber bullying is becoming more popular due to the lack of punishment as well. Teens go online with anonymous users so it’s hard for police to prove a certain person did the crime. “Whereas bullies at school usually get identified easily” (Strom 36). Cyber bullying is much like traditional bullying happens twenty/ seven. “Teens have a hard time feeling safe at home due to the amount of abuse they are put under” (Why is cyber bullying so popular 100). Teens…

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