Cyber Attacks And The State Of Businesses Taking Preventative Measures

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A literature review allows a researcher to present the findings and viewpoints of other researchers in order to build on existing knowledge (Onwuegbuzie, Leech, & Collins 2012). This allows the researcher to build a solid foundation in which to further sustain their work and demonstrate the credibility of sources used. By the use of Google Scholar, EBESCOhost and proQuest I reviewed the literature pertaining to cyber awareness, cyber security, cyber attacks, the economic fallout from cyber attacks and the state of businesses taking preventative measures. Furthermore, I reviewed the literature based on the need for individuals to concern themselves with cyber awareness.
Information gathered from 38 sources up to this point provided the content of the literature review, of which 90% or 36 out of 38 are peer-reviewed articles and 31 out of 38 or 79% are between 2013 and 2016. Articles which total 7 out of 38 or 19 % between 2012, or older. 5 out of 38 are older than the five-year limit yet this is under 15 percent of all articles, or 9.5%. Articles consisting of text books only number 2, or 6 % of the total sources are of the non-peer reviewed category.
My review of the literature established a scholarly foundation for my study and provided critical information and analysis related to my research question. By staying focused on the research question and problem statement I am able to avoid to the best of my ability, the possibility that I wind up with sources that do not…

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