Essay Customer Service Manager : Influencing And Performance

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Influencing and inspiring individuals to excel in their performance.

Well versed manager with over nineteen years of experience in the delivery of exceptional customer service and over eleven years in finance, specializing in the credit card industry. A proven leader with the ability to influence and inspire individuals to exceed in their performance through an authentic leadership approach that focuses on managing, coaching for performance, and mentoring personal and career growth. Skilled at fostering relationships with staff and executive personnel that develops mutually respectful relationships. An outstanding ability to cultivate relationships with customers and increase retention while simultaneously resolving highly escalated complaints and complex issues received through the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), the Better Business Bureau (BBB), social media and internal channels. Consistently rewarded and recognized for being a top performer and exceeding the customer 's’ expectations through a genuine partnership and advocacy. Core competencies include: • Inspiring, motivating and leading others
• Planning, developing and implementing plans
• Directing the skills of others
• Keen ability to make decisions
• Superb organization
• Excellent written and verbal communication


Executive Resolutions Floor Manager
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