Swot Analysis Of Demline

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Demline is a website that allows musicians to submit their demos for the company to listen to. Demline sorts through the submissions and forwards the ones with high potential to some of the artist’s preferred record companies. This process changes the way that musicians enter the industry, making it more accessible and efficient. The ease of use will be beneficial to both the musicians and the record companies. Artists pay a small fee per song they upload, and record companies pay a set amount per year for Demline to host their submissions. The music industry is one of the fastest growing markets. Entering would provide immense opportunities for growth. As Demline settles into the market, it will also feel the effects of this growth. There …show more content…
This will appeal to both target markets as it promotes the idea of rising above the rest, which is something that both want to do. Associating Demline with this message will bring positive outcomes for the business.

Initially, Demline will rely on advertising methods such as online and in magazines. Advertising online is effective because the younger target market would spend more time online. When they then saw ads for the website it would be a simple click for them to further investigate and decide whether it was something they wanted to try. Magazine advertising in musical magazines would attract the target market that was more likely interested in the music industry. After Demline has experienced a couple of successes, celebrity endorsement would be a powerful marketing technique. Artists whose careers started through Demline would be a powerful face that young musicians would look up to. With their support, it would provide more potential customers for the company. More direct marketing would also be needed to build up relationships with the record companies. Forming these strong bonds will mean faithful customers and increased sales through positive word of

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