Essay on Customer Service For Higher Education

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1. What is the role of customer service in higher education? To what degree should faculty be responsible for providing customer service in their teaching?

Even if we embrace the problematic idea that students are customers, higher education cannot, and should not, embrace the business platitude that the customer is always right. The heart of the teacher-student relationship is, in my opinion, honest evaluation. Teachers promise to be fair and transparent in their evaluation; students promise to carry out the work that is asked of them. This attitude does not, and should not, exist in business. Businesses do not evaluate their customers; they serve them, hence the idea of customer service. The notion of service in higher education is limited to, for example, ensuring that students have the housing, food plans, safety, etc. that they need. In the classroom, service is neither subject to a contract nor grounds for pandering to the student; rather, service means the diligence of the instructor in being clear and fair, in working hard to design appropriate instruction, and in being conscientious and evidentiary with feedback. A professor who issues an F to a student who deserves to fail has, perhaps paradoxically, upheld a standard of customer service; this professor has provided fair and accurate feedback to the failing student.
Thus, this issue is reducible to what is meant by service. Someone who pays $100 for a new muffler is entitled to whatever kind of muffler he or she…

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