Customer Ratings Based On Taste Essay

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This piece of evidence corresponds to my results from questionnaires that were filled in by customers that have purchased from Deli Twist. The customer ratings based on taste was an average “3.7 out of 5”. This rating suggests that buyers are not entirely satisfied; and in one particular long response, a customer specified that: “The specific pastry I want is not always available every time I visit, but I still decide to purchase at Deli Twist due to the unique taste so I buy similar alternatives.” This particular customer’s rating was “4 out of 5”. Increasing pay may give the workers at Deli Twist an incentive to work harder towards producing more units to meet customer expectations. In fact, in an experiment, two group had an increase of $1 to their pay and another group was given an unexpected increase, and their outcome was recorded. After the research, it was proven that the group that had the highest pay produced a substantial 20% higher number of units, which proves that pay has a direct impact on the output of a worker even at Deli Twist. The link:, is the study and Diagram 10 specifically confirms the experiment and shows the link between output and pay:

Advantages of Increasing the Workers’ Basic Pay.
This will bring many advantages such as increasing workers’ performance if this factor is put into practice, which means that they will be more willing to produce more in their…

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