Customer's Buying Process Through E- Marketing: Essay

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Customer's Buying Process through E- Marketing:
Most marketers are familiar with the four stages of the customers' buying process, around which marketing activities can be planned. The four stages are need-and-want recognition, information gathering, evaluation and purchase. Within each stage, marketers have the opportunity to improve the customer experience and influence the customer through all stages toward a purchase. However, the mass adoption of the Web channel among customers has shifted the stages of the customer buying process from a mostly offline activity to an increasingly online activity. Many customers now go through the entire buying process online, or use the online channel though multiple steps of the process. For
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Transactional e-marketing activities, such as gift registries, e-mail marketing and online dialogue functionality, help customers to final purchase or even additional purchases. For example, a customer has searched for a digital camera on the company's site, read reviews from others and is led through an online dialogue that displays options for final selection. Once the camera is selected, the customer is presented with a matching camera case before check-out. This can result in a relevant cross-sell, providing a positive experience for the customer and an incremental sale for the company.
Lack of E-Marketing Damages the Customer Experience
E-marketing technology, when properly placed along the customer buying process, helps provide a seamless link from want/need to actual purchase. In fact, many times, a poor customer experience is the direct result of not having e-marketing tools in place. For example, a customer visits an auto manufacturer's Web site to learn about a particular car. As the customer moves into the evaluation stage, the site doesn't provide any help with independent car reviews, no compare and- contrast mechanisms or connections to other users' experiences with the car. As a result, the customer goes elsewhere for the evaluation, providing an opportunity for the competition to help the customer complete his or her buying process with potentially different results.
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