Curry Essay

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It is Curry night in the our household. An outsider will be puzzled, because there are several dishes that are completely different. Is the food Indian? Is the food Thai? What is that other stuff, I don’t think I have ever had curry made like that? Curry night in our household explains the complexity of curry in itself. Faisal is from Northern India and his food perspective is influenced by Pakistan as well… curry to him is a stew/saucy dish that contains some variety of a masala and other spices. I have a more worldy view of curry. My first taste of curry came from Germany, all though we generally do not have curry wurst as a part of our curry night. As a child we used to go to Imbiss stands to get pommes fritz with curry …show more content…
("Indian Cookery Terms", 2007) In the Hindi regions of northern India it is believed that curry comes from the word Tari meaning wet. In northern Hindi regions curry represents any sauce or stew based dish regardless of the presence of spice. In Hindi-Hurdo regions of Northern India the equivelant for a spiced dish is masaladar or a dish with Masala. There is no specific recipe for curry and each blend of spices used in a curry is largely impacted on what region of India a dish is from. Each family may have their own blend of spices or “curry”.
The spread of curry in world cuisine is directly impacted by the spice trade and the colonization of trade ports by the Portugal, Dutch, French and Great Britain. Europe’s needs of spices and a cheaper way to get them encouraged the need to colonize India. Portugal established a colony in Goa in 1510 and probably had the largest effect of curries indirectly. Portugal introduced the American Chile to India and it was quickly adopted into the local cuisines and curry blends. Britain colonization and their love of the spice blends of Southern India can be attributed to our present day curry powder that you can find in most groceries stores around the world.
Curries in China typically consist of chicken, beef, fish, lamb or other meats. Vegetables include green peppers, onions, and large chunks of potatoes. The spices in Chinese curries are

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