Current Vp Of Operations For Ambulatory Clinic And Clinical Programs At The Nebraska Medical Center

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Our group interviewed Tom Macy, the current VP of operations for ambulatory clinic and clinical programs at the Nebraska Medical Center. Previously, he was the CEO of the orthopedic hospital. Right now he is in charge of around 52 locations and about 600 physicians. Nebraska Medical center is the starts largest and highest rated hospital. It allows access to more than 1,000 physicians and 676 licensed hospital beds. One of the five problems Macy addressed was the rising cost of health care. The main issue is that running a hospital is like running a business. The hospital must make money to survive and like in many businesses, wanting to make more is just human nature. The difficulty is figuring out a way to decrease costs without having the quality of service suffer but while maintaining enough to succeed as a business. Health care spending in the US has increased from 1970 at $75 billion to $2.6 trillion in 2010. With inflation taken into account the growth was around seven times. The reasons for this growth are most likely the introduction of medical technology, high cost of pharmaceuticals, inefficient or changing hospital practices, and low accountability (3). Medical technology covers a wide range from equipment to procedures to process by which the care is delivered. Medical technology increase the cost of health care in two main ways: increasing range of treatments and replacing low cost ways of treatment. With advances in technology, physicians are able to…

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