Critical Thinking Flaws

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Critical Thinking Paper
Page 1: Problem Description
As discussed throughout our course there’s no doubt that our healthcare system has many flaws. These flaws don’t allow our system to be as affective as it should be. One of these flaws is the rising cost of care provided to us. This outrageous increase in cost has many effects on our people for many reasons. First one primarily being that it has became unaffordable. This Unaffordable care for patients means less visits to doctors resulting in more sick people. As costs keep rising and the care stays the same with barely any doctors or nurses to care for you, many think these costs are not worth it. When someone believes they aren’t getting what they are paying for they are going to stay away from what they believe is an unnecessary cost. Less visits to the doctors’ means more chronic diseases for people of our community. Not to mention, for those who do visit the doctor when needed this means less money in their pockets resulting in less money to spend on healthy foods, rent, and daily necessities.
Rising cost of healthcare affects everyone in our population the rich, the poor, and the middle class. Compared to other countries our prices are what seem to be described as ridiculous but just
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Higher prices don’t discriminate on anyone, such outrageous prices affects everyone’s pockets. Whether you’re rich, poor, or middle class everyone could benefit form saving some extra money but that is nearly impossible when health care averages at about 9,000 dollars per person. For those who are less fortunate, having such high expenses added on only means cut backs to the money they do have. Resulting in more citizens paying rent late, having less money for vital necessities, and living paycheck to paycheck. Balancing these responsibilities can sometimes lead to neglect of personal needed health care resulting in more disease and

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