Current Trends in Maritime Shipping Today and the Latest Issues Faced by Shipping Industry

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Current trends in maritime shipping today and the latest Issues faced by shipping industry

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Trends • Containerization 2-3

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• Intermodalism
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The maritime shipping comprises ninety percent of world trade and 50,000 ships trading internationally. Nowadays, commercial shipping has known as the safest and most environmentally friendly form of commercial transport. Most of the shipping industry must have high value assets to support their business, because a new ship can cost over $100 million each. Shipping involves companies from every nation in the world and almost every nationality is represented in the seafaring population and the industry’s shore-based workforce.



Containerisation is another method of unitization. Container is nothing but a large box designed to hold and carry many number of packages. The container became a big success because it satisfied all the needs the shipping community was looking for: it reduces the handling of cargo to the barest minimum; it can carry a large quantity of cargo both by weight and volume; it can take almost all type of cargo.

The system helped to standardize shipments. The use of the containerization system has improved shipment handling in many ways. Ports were able to handle shipments much more easily. This process also lowered costs for the shipping companies and therefore, lowered rates for freight shipping. With the lower shipping rates trade increased. The people of Germany and England used this type of freight

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