Current Issue : Women 's Media Essay examples

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Madison Gecsey
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11 December 2014
Current Issue: Women in Media Throughout history women have been hypersexualized in all forms of media whether it be magazines, movies, commercials, ads, or video games and it is no different in today ' media. The only aspects that have changed over the years is what the ideal woman looks like and how the entertainment industry objectifies women. In the past, women were over-sexualized in the media by placing them in situations that depicted their: domestic roles, lack of intellect, submissive nature, and focused on their appearance which was said to be all that mattered. Now the entertainment industry has occasionally placed women, and even girls as young as thirteen, in powerful lead roles, while at the same time, objectifying and hyper-sexualizing them. The film industry has not ceased to sexualize and objectify women, but merely do so in a different way. This is also very prominent in video games where women are rarely represented and when they are it is in a hypersexualized manner. One example of the over sexualization of women in media today is how female heroines are depicted in movies. When women are placed in strong, powerful, lead roles they are more often than not: scantily dressed, displayed in clothing with plunging necklines, bikini tops and booty shorts, or in spandex suits. Showing that, “No matter the territory, female characters cannot escape an emphasis on appearance” (Mirhashem 2014). Merely…

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