Culture Is Severely Influenced By The Religion Essay

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Mankind thrives from diversity, social interaction, and cultural developments. We have a need for many different religions which creates the opportunity for us to expand our minds and souls and come together as collective whole. Culture is severely influenced by the religion that you choose to worship bringing a variety of cooking forms, music, dancing, any kind of ritual performed and numerous amounts of traditions. Religion defines the people in it and what they believe is based off of the culture they have made around them. This inspires us to create so many religions, gods, and cultures inturn and partake in such experiences. Even if you leave your original religion your new one becomes infused with the host origins and becomes something new like many families with mixed religious beliefs merging in the same house. Society can be defined as similar people with similar cultural preferences yet they can participate in different religious intakes and live together in harmony.
Our world holds and continues to develop many different religions. Can their be one religion that reigns supreme among the others yet they all hold a path to spiritual sovereignty. Faith will always be a main ingredient on deciding what is correct to follow. there are many ways to evaluate how a religion should be scaled as accurate to follow from truths we seek in history books that match holy texts and scriptures, to examining and being nonbias on how true these claims are even if they seem to be…

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