Culture Is A Way Of Life Shared By People Essay

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Culture is a way of life shared by people in a society. Culture is exceptional, although it may have other things in common with other cultures. Culture is all about religion, food, dressings, language, and music, believes, greetings, behavior, and other things. According to Live Science, the United States is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. Nearly every region of the world has influenced American culture, as it’s a country of immigrants. Within its vast area, Nigeria has over 250 different ethnic groups, all with their own languages and heritage. Cultures are followed according to the society or family one comes from or was born in.
Americans are extremely informal, friendly, and call most people by their first name. Most people who come to the United States may already know a few things about the people through TV. Although this is of course a skewed reality some of the stereotypes are true, especially American friendliness and informality. People tend to not wait to be introduced, will begin to speak with strangers as they stand in a queue, sit next to each other at an event, etc. Americans are very casual in greeting. A handshake, a smile, and a 'hello ' are all that is needed which I really agree with but in Nigeria where I came from, all this is like lack of respect. Nigerian culture expects the younger ones to respect elders in any way possible. Young girls are to kneel down while boys are to prostrate, young girls or boys are not allowed to…

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