Culture And Technology : How It Has Impacted Society Essay

1111 Words Apr 10th, 2016 null Page
Culture and technology play a huge role in the world today. Culture and Technology are continually co-evolving in a dynamic relationship. Technology is developed based on a cultural contexts. The cultural context affects the way the technology is adopted and the way it is used. Technology has the ability change a culture and it can impact each culture differently. Culture is the way we think and what we believe. Culture can be a part of a group, society or time. Culture can also be a part of a person or place. Culture gives people their identity. Technology is the use of something. Whether it is the use of science or a machine. Technology can be invented to solve problems. A lot of people today cannot function without technology. In this essay, I will focus on the relationship between culture and technology, how it has impacted society and my own personal experience with culture and technology. Culture is different all over earth. Different cultures have their own values and beliefs. Different cultures also have their own needs. Cultural needs is the reason for technical advancements. Technology is created to help with the needs of the culture. Technology shapes the culture as it interacts with language, economics, politics, and arts. Technology then spreads all over the world and is used in different ways by different cultures. For example, the Japanese culture has different beliefs than American culture with cell phones. According to CNN, the Japanese culture frowns…

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