Culturally Sensitive And Diverse Clinic Environment Essay

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Culturally Sensitive and Diverse Clinic Environment
This is a patient centered approach to ensuring that the patients feel the urge of honoring appointments, but also reduces feelings of depreciations. Fostering a culturally sensitive and diverse clinic environment would play a significant role in reducing no shows among patients (Sue & Sue, 2012). In addition to welcoming them all, patient care-providers should also eliminate the behavior of creating a feeling of guilt among patients, despite their misconducts (Sue & Sue, 2012). One of the ways of achieving this environment is by showing high levels of reception for all patients without any form of bias. This makes an assurance to all patients, regardless of their cultural diversities, showing that they are equally important, and have a place within the health care center (Murray & Tantau, 2000). This report will concentrate on nurturing a culturally sensitive and diverse clinic environment.
The Impact of the implementation of the Advanced Access
According to Murray and Tantau (2000) the implementation of the “Advanced Access” program is for the overall good of both patients and the physicians. For the patients, it changes the traditional system of waiting 55 days to get an appointment with a physician to same day appointment (Murray & Tantau, 2000). The short period within which a patient accesses care from their physicians increases the level of satisfaction. The system of advanced access also guarantees the patients the…

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