Health Care Model

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Introduction Health care reform has become a practical global issue, and particularly in developed countries, including the United Kingdom and the United States of America. It is obvious that the current systems are being evaluated. Although these countries have big influence and impact on most nations around the world, they’re still searching for better pathways to inclusive and comprehensive health care systems. Today many people are developing complicated medical conditions due to lack of coordination of care and lack of harmony among countries institutions. These countries have shifted away from the origin of care, which was preventive instead of allopathic medicine. Their focus is more on diseases instead of actual causes. For instance, …show more content…
Providers would be hired by contract and paid base on the number of patients they will see; general practitioners (GPs) and specialists work together. For instance, primary care physicians work together with the specialist to accomplish their goal. If people interpret that when specialists, GPs and patients health care associates rub shoulders there is improvement or efficiency, their assumptions might be misleading. Everywhere people do business; customer service is a must for many reasons including a lucrative motive. In this model, providers acknowledge that working together the quality outcome would be great, but providers would not be held accountable for the quality and cost of their patients care. They have complete control on care quality and cost. Is this an effective care model because specialists are rubbing shoulders with primary care physicians? The harmony among them and patients are to be praise because when PCP and Specialists work together, the care can be delivered in every layer of our society, but the most important question here is that are stakeholders providing holistic care (preventive and adequate care) or are they more focused on disease and cure. This model stakeholders including, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and others make profits. I am convinced that the PBC idea of this vertical and horizontal integration is to change the setting of health care one that is orientated to being a one stop clinic, where everyone can have access to urgent care without the long administrative procedures. However, this is a complex system because the UK is also a country where common health depends on their higher institutions decisions. To the extent, many people in London want to see equity in health care. They want an inclusive model and want an open system where everyone can be represented, the well off, middle, and the poor (Thomas et al, 2008). In this model, people want to see an integrated

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