Cultural Views Of Cultural Communication Essay

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cultural communication lectures I realize that not every one is the same in the way they communicate. We are living in a global world where borders are shrinking and cultures are meshing but there are sill cultural customs that need to be accounted for. Especially as a Campus Involvement Ambassador, it is our job to ensure all student, even international students have a great experience at Fresno State. I was ignorant to the fact there are so many distinct cultures represented around campus. I think we need to be very cognoscente of this fact take account of all the wonderful diversity around us. I really enjoy when I can take what I learn in class and apply it to my life. The inter cultural lectures were extremely valuable because I could actually apply them and teach some of the material to my fellow ambassadors. Lecture only teaches so much, applying it is where the real learning takes place.

The next journal entry I want to reflect on was October 5th where I talked about being uncomfortable at a wedding because of the social aspect of making small talk and meeting new people. I am a very quiet person. I do not like going out of my way and having to meet new people. I am usually most comfortable when I am at home reading a book or watching people. You made some interesting points about not changing the core of who I was but also realizing the opportunities socializing creates. I feel like I am in a difficult position because I understand my core being but I also would…

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