Essay about Cultural Values And Its Impact On Society

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Culture is everywhere; it controls what we do, who we interact with and who we become because we are influenced by it from birth. Cultural values are at the heart of any society, everywhere there is a connection with culture everything people do is influenced by society. Cultural Symbols important to our society are the liberty bell, the United States Flag, the bald eagle, and the Statue of liberty. Learning more about our culture can help us to be more professional because it will help us have a better grasp on other individuals that we work with in a professional environment. Our society requires cultural values to keep social and economics under control, as we need information from the past. Cultural values are at the heart of any society because they are what influence the upbringing of everyone; therefore everyone has these values instilled in them from a young age. Cultural values are at the heart of any society, whether it be the United States where we have a slightly self-centered view of culture. We try to take personal control over the environment, such as believing man should be in charge of nature (Khols.) This is something most people within our culture believe; yes there are the exceptions but generally Americans believe that they should be in control of the environment. Americans in our culture also have a great desire for change we consider it to be helpful in growing and becoming successful. However other cultures believe that change is…

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