Essay about Cultural Safety At New Zealand

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In the 1980’s the concept of cultural safety was introduced initially to deliver health appropriate service to Maori in New Zealand (ref). Cultural safety is a conceptual framework designed to guide health care delivery identified as safe by that person receiving the care (REF). The Nursing Council of New Zealand introduced cultural safety into the nursing education curriculum in the 1990 (REF). Since then cultural safety has been adapted and applied to nurse education and the delivery of care of health consumers within our diverse and growing population (NCNZ). NCZN states that cultural safety is effective nursing practice of a person or family from another culture as determined by that person or family. When providing culturally safe care the RN is asked to reflect on their personal and professional power positions in the delivery of care in order to understand the way that power influences nursing interactions and health outcomes (REF).

Cultural safety practices are actions that acknowledge and respect the different characteristics of other cultures and safely meet their expectations, rights and needs (REF). Culture contains but is not limited to gender, sexual orientation, religious belief, or ethnicity (NCNZ, 2011). However culturally unsafe practice are those that demean, disempower or diminish a person’s well-being and/or their cultural identity (NCNZ). In order to be culturally safe an RN must examine their own cultural attitudes and identities and…

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