Hawaiian's Identity In The Movie Noho Hewa

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Ngawang Chime
Sectional essay #2
In the book A Nation Rising: Hawaiian Movements for Life, Land, and Sovereignty, and the movie Noho Hewa explores a common theme of the U.S relocating Hawaiians from their land for their goal for strengthening militarization and capitalism. Although, there is exploitation of power from the U.S government to dispossess the Hawaiians from their ancestral land and forced assimilation, the Hawaiians are able to resist back stronger than ever by strengthening their relationship with ancestral roots and renewing their indigenous identity to protect their ancestral land.
I agree with the Goodyear-Kaʻōpua statement “Culture is Political, Politics are Cultural” ( Kaʻōpua 2014, pg.12). When Hawaiians come together
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It is all part of colonization and its way of assimilating the Hawaiians. I agree with the statement because when a Hawaiian gets dispossessed, they are not just losing their land but their ancestral connection to the land along with their Hawaiian identity. Therefore, it is important for them to stay true their Hawaiian identity. This can be seen in the first scene of the movie when Hawaiians were in their traditional clothes and chanting in their mother tongue praying and calling for nature to restore. It was their way of healing the mother earth that was destroyed by the U.S exploitation of their lands. It symbolizes that land is very sacred to Hawaiians and through performing a ceremony they are trying to heal the nature and resisting the U.S government of their wrong doing. This is a powerful statement because it shows the Hawaiian identity and its deep connection with the …show more content…
Hawaiians are forced to assimilate into the Colonial mindset but the Hawaiians are resisting back by restoring their relationship with their ancestral roots and culture to take control of their land. Hawaiians are spreading their cultural knowledge and awareness of their struggle to educate their community. By forming a movement through acknowledging their Hawaiian identity they were able to fight and resist colonizer power to take control of their land. By reconnecting with cultural roots, they are able to win back their

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