Introspection: The Role Of Materialism In Philosophy

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Materialism is a term that refer to all substances that physically exist and occupy space in the universe. An ordinary matter where the term materialism is derived from is an object that is composed of atoms and having a mass. Materialism in philosophical terms is completely different than materialism used in cultural terms. Cultural materialism is a doctrine that material success and progress are the highest values in life. At its simpler level, materialism involves the focus on the idea of the mind and the body.
Materialism in philosophy hold the thought that existence is explainable solely in material terms. In another word the physical supervene the mental, the mental is nothing over and above the physical. Materialists see the universe as a huge device held together by pieces of matter functioning in subjection to naturalistic laws.
A substance is traditionally understood as an entity, or an object that depends on another object in order in order for it to exist. Substance
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Introspection is merely revelations that rely on state and the property of the mind. When a person centers his or her attention on the content of his or her consciousness he or she only apprehend his or her thoughts, desires, sensations, and emotions but does not apprehend the electrochemical activities that goes inside his brain that lead to these thoughts, desires, emotions, or sensations. Therefore interception rely also on some form of physical states and properties. The assumption that introspection can reveals things as they really are in their innermost nature is quite wrong. We know that our other forms of observation such as sight, hearing, touch, and so on do no such thing. For instance looking at, touching, or smelling a sealed box will not reveal its

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