Cultural Globalization In Nigeria

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Understand globalisation as a multidimensional process, and not simply economic. Indeed, many scholars have divided theories of globalisation into categories of political, economic and cultural globalisation. Globalization is an unavoidable trend. The statement above is from Consumer Behaviour and Culture written by de Mooij in 2011. Clearly, the author has hold negative point of view about the impact of globalisation on cultures. He assumes that globalisation pernicious the diversity of cultures and contributing to a homogeneous culture. It is doubtless that many countries got many similarities, and they become increasingly close to one another under the context of culture. The phenomenon of homogenization can be recognized through clothing, …show more content…
“The most important far reaching effect of cultural globalization is the commercialization of culture. Production distribution and consumption of cultural goods and services have become commodities along with the essentials of life. Music, food, clothes, fashion, art, sports, are now sold in the market, imported and exported”(Akande,2002)
Commercialization of culture has a disturbing impact on people of Nigeria. Nigerian market is under the attack of western culture, things like music, movie, clothes and language largely undermined Nigerian national lifestyle. The traditional pattern of subordinating when greeting an elder has changed to“hi”, the use of Nigerian local languages has its limitations because English gradually replace the position of them, hence less people speak Nigerian indigenous language
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Despite globalisation endanger some traditions, but it is not always going to be the case. Number of people think globalisation could be a kind of preservation for certain cultures. Put in other words, it “advertises” cultures then increase the international awareness of cultural heritage, . Consequently boost the countries international reputation and culture prestige, save the culture from endanger situation. Let take China as an example, Chinese culture has brought influence to global culture. Over the passed few years, China tried some techniques to present their indigenous culture and value of civilization to the world and laying some extent of influence on the global culture. By the end of 2009, there have been nearly 300 Confucius institutions and more than 200 Confucius classrooms established in 88 countries, and the Confucius Institutes/Classrooms adopt suitable teaching styles to teach Chinese language as well as promoting Chinese cultures. Before the establishment of Confucius Institutes/Classrooms, the awareness of Confucius theories becoming less and less in China. In recent years, the number of experts of Confucius who from western world increase, westerners started to notice the cultures from far east. Chinese cultures and values are gradually recognized by western society, that is not only the result of effort of Chinese (, 2015) Examples like

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