Cultural Estrangement, Attenuation Of Black Collectivism, And Spiritual Alienation

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Cultural estrangement, attenuation of Black collectivism, and spiritual alienation are the three factors that have hindered the African American community to advance and prosper in the United States. The first factor, cultural estrangement, “may preclude many African Americans from recognizing the presence and importance of their human particularity (807).” This has allowed many practices to be forced upon African Americans to exercise. The biggest practice is that African Americans are at risk in believing that the European Americans have “constructed the most advanced civilizations and have special intellectual talents not possessed by others (807).” This is a problem because African Americans start to believe that their culture is inferior to that of the European American culture. This can definitely leave the African American community with the lack of self-confidence and self-prided needed to establish and sustain social and economic structures. In the section on attenuation of black collectivism, the author mentions that material deprivation and internal class stratification is the collective focus among African Americans. Since material objects is highly valued in this society by European Americans to show wealth and importance, African Americans fall victim to this mindset. In order to feel they are equal to white Americans, they put a lot of effort into buying consumer goods. Within the African American community, there are Blacks who have more and Blacks who have…

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