Cultural Diversity In America

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Defining American Culture
When the phrase “American culture” is mentioned, the first term that comes to mind is diversity. In this way, there exist three common metaphors that many people, both within America and beyond, have used to describe the level heterogeneity in the country. To some, the United States is a melting pot, a metaphor that points out the kind of transformation that happens to people, more so immigrants, as they adjust to fit into the society of their new homes (McDonald 7). Others refer to America as a salad bowl, which implies that while change happens to immigrants, they still manage to retain a considerable amount of their original cultural identity that later enriches it. What brings all the Americans together, both the
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For instance, the United States were initially inhabited by indigenous people by various European groups and African slaves found their way to the land and settled there. Since the 20th century, America has become a haven for millions of people from all corners of the globe. Compared to any other country, America has, over the years, welcomed more immigrants, who comprise over fifty million people as documented in the 2001 report by the US Census Bureau statistics (US Census Bureau 31). According to a summary of the US population as at 2009, 60% are white, 16% Hispanic or Latino origin, 5% Asian, 13% African-American, 5.8% American Indian, and 0.2% Native Hawaiian (The US Census Bureau 13). For instance, Huntington notes that Hispanics had become part of the American society by the middle of the nineteenth century, even as their numbers continued to soar (221). Bringing these people together has been instrumental in shaping the identity and influencing the behavior of the American people. It is responsible for the shared language, values, beliefs, material objects, and norms that give the country its image and unique identity. The term diversity brings into perspective as the American culture goes a long way in influencing religion, music, food, what is commonly worn, and how it is worn, and a way that Americans sit at the table. Moreover, it dictates how they behave around their loved ones, how they …show more content…
Family is at the core of American life. Irrespective of one’s faith, a deep sense of community is important to all citizens. Homes form the basis of America’s character, where children learn the importance of service, principled values, as well as the necessary standards of conduct. Whether at school, in communities, at work, or play, a family remains the sole source of support, encouragement, guidance, and love that enhances an individual’s level of confidence, compassion, and success (Kim 1). Shared values, such as active involvement in community matters, are all embedded in their culture. Art and Sports Cultural diversity in America is seen in their art and sports. The US is widely known as a leader and pacesetter in the production of mass media content, including television, and the film industry. According to the US Department of Commerce, America alone brings to the table one-third of the worldwide media content (Flew 17). The art culture in America goes beyond television shows and movies. Americans have a rich and vibrant theatre history with New York being the hub of Broadway. Other than American folk art, which is an artistic style that is identified with quilts and other handmade items, music is very diverse and

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