Essay on Cultural Dimensions - Hofstede - Diffuse and Specific

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1) Give the definition and objectives of “your” cultural dimensions (what does the dimension measure? what do you want to measure? For instance : ability to work in groups, individual empowerment ... (for the individual/collective dimension).

Diffuse and Specific orientated cultures – The most apparent difference is the ability to separate private from professional life. In diffused cultures, the private and professional lives are closely linked whereas specific cultures keep them separate. Additionally, specific cultures promote directness, precision, and transparency. Also, people from specific orientated cultures are able to remove themselves from a situation in regards to principles and values. This means that specific orientated
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It doesn’t matter.

Would you meet with colleagues/classmates regularly and have dinner with them? Yes but only if it’s organized by Euromed/the company I work for. Yes because they are my friends. No my friends are in another class/ my colleagues aren’t my friends. Do you stay Marseille or go back home on the weekends? Yes because my friends are here. Sometimes if there are big parties. No because my friends are back home.

Do you discuss your work/studies with family and friends? Yes. Sometimes. No because I keep my private and professional life separate.

If your friend got caught cheating on an exam and the teacher asks you what happened, will you denounce them? Yes because they broke the rules. No because they are my friend. I would tell them they are wrong but I wouldn’t denounce them.

Could you still be friends with someone whose political values clash with yours? For example would you stay friends with someone who supports the opposing political group? Yes because it doesn’t matter. It depends on the situation. No because I’m a very principal and values oriented person.

If you see fault in someone’s behavior, will you tell him or her? For example if someone talks too much, what would you do? Yes I will be blunt and say what I think. Yes I would tell them but I would be delicate about it. No it’s none of my business.

Do you befriend people who can benefit you in the future? No I only

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