Essay On Cultural Differences In China

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In considering an expansion of a business into an Asian country, such as China, there would be numerous cross cultural challenges that we could stumble upon. Cultural differences effect the 4P marketing strategies in many ways For example, societal and institutional differences such as: ethnic culture, business culture, and value differences can be challenging when conducting business.
In China, the majority of ethnic culture is focused on “relationships.” People can be very antisocial. In doing so, they keep to themselves and mind their own matters. This is especially true around people in which whom they are unfamiliar. In contrast, ethnic culture in the United States is generally focused on people as individuals. We are all trying to be different and make some kind of difference in our country. In China, trust is given to those around them, they don’t lose face and credibility by
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Relationships are a priority in China, everything is done and built based on relationships. In the United States, economy comes first. Signs of strength and weakness differ between the two countries. For example, being modest or shy in the United States is often perceived as a weakness, but in China, humility is viewed as an advantage, because it is viewed as power. Respect is earned based on different values, for example in China, preeminence, knowledge, and competence command respect. Here in the United States, success and prosperity seem to demand the most respect. Being raised in China, values on family focus on children learning to respect their elders, respect the young, and be contingent on extended family. In the United States, we focus on teaching our children how to be independent, we let them fail a little more easily in order to teach a lesson in life. We have to work for what we want, and it will not always come so easily, much less be handed to

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