Cultural Decimation Through Colonization Among Native Americans

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Since the authors who explored cultural decimation through colonization mainly analyzed the situations of native Americans, native Hawaiians, and the Maori natives of New Zealand, these case studies are incorporated in this literature review to contextualize the authorsʻ arguments. Upon collecting literature on the methods that colonizers employed to acculturate the native peoples they came into contact with, each of the authors assert that these actions were initiated by the colonizersʻ intention to improve the lifestyles of the natives. Each of the authors discuss that the colonizersʻ condemned native practices and traditions, and believed that the natives would willingly abandon their state of destitution to adopt their superior western values. According to author David DeJong in his Promises of the Past, prior to western contact, the education of the children among native American tribes was a collective endeavor, which focused on developing the individuals to ensure the tribesʻ prosperity as a whole. He states that the instructional methods of the western settlers interfered with the lifestyle that the natives were accustomed to and strived with, and instilled western values of personal success and competition that were unfamiliar concepts to the natives (DeJong, 22). As DeJong suggests, western colonizers used instruction as a method of deconstructing the native perspective in order for the natives to internalize western values. According to Manu Meyer, Hawaiian…

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