Cultural Considerations Of Cross Cultural Business Essay

1075 Words Oct 27th, 2016 5 Pages
Due to the process of globalization the world is becoming increasingly similar and turning into a single system with similar characteristic which means more opportunities for businesses to operate on the global market and for managers to rethink the basic objectives of how their firms are operating. Therefore, to be successful in business sphere globally managers need to have a deep and sensitive understanding of culture itself, people’s attitude and behavior to different cultural aspects in focus. The lack of knowledge of the culture can cause difficulties and misunderstanding, which can lead to negative influence on the business development. This essay will discuss cultural considerations in cross-cultural business and the potential issues of negotiating between companies and offer potential solutions for the managers to enable them to work successfully in the world-global market. Using Japan and United States as examples, the essay will also discuss the differences and then refer these countries to the The Lewis Cultural Model (1996) and Global Business Exchange Matrix (n.d.). According to Adler (1991:10-11, cited in McLean and Lewis) it is impossible to understand all cultures, although the differences can be identified in order to solve and apply techniques in future business development. When negotiating with Japanese business people, Americans often feel uncomfortable and lost, because they have completely different customs, traditions and habits. The appropriate way…

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