Cultural Competence Of Health Care Essay example

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Cultural Competence in Health Care
Chelsea N. Walker
East Central University

Cultural Competence in Health Care Having a career in the health profession is having a career with people. There will be people of all different races, ethnicities, values, morals, and beliefs. The United States is extremely culturally diverse and with that, a job in health care will encompass all different types of people. Nurses encounter people of all cultures and it is a nurse’s job to be professional, accepting, and respectful to all patients. A nurse has to be knowledgeable of all cultures in order to better understand where the patient is coming from. This does not mean the nurse has to agree, but as a nurse it is important to be truly understanding of the patient. Being knowledgeable of all cultures allows a nurse to connect with the patient. Politely bringing up a patient’s culture is a great way to strike up a conversation, as well as gain trust. Being culturally competent is a key aspect of the nursing profession. One example of a definition of culture is that culture is a group of people with the same shared beliefs, attitudes, values, roles and social norms (Jarvis 2016). Competence is an overall understanding of something, or the ability to do something successfully. Cultural competency is made of several coordinating attributes of a person that allows them to get along with and associate with individuals of different cultures. Nurses need to be culturally…

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