What Is The Importance Of Cultural Diversity In Education

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I found the videos and readings to be interesting and informative. I have previously taken classes on the importance of cultural understanding, but watching these videos and reading through the materials was a helpful reminder as to just how important it is to take students culture into consideration. I have found that while I do attempt to understand the culture of my students, I have not yet met cultural proficiency.
Prior to watching the videos and reading the material I did not think about the importance of cultural competency among health educators. I figured that when a person went to see someone regarding their health that they received the same care as anyone else. In hindsight I was very naive. According to ("Culture, Language and
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“ Culture is not a problem, but a resource” ("Cultural Competence ," 2014). I found this quote to be important because I feel that some people tend to see a person’s culture as a hindrance. It is seen as a stumbling block that must be overcome before the person can learn what is expected of them. However, we should embrace others culture instead of seeing it as a roadblock. If a student comes to class and does things a little differently, we can use that as a stepping stone to help them with whatever it is we are trying to teach them. An educator can use cultural diversity to their advantage by doing group activities that highlight diversity. The activity could be on a topic such as World War II and the groups could each have students from different cultures so that there are multiple perspectives on the topic. By having multiple perspectives on the same topic the students can learn many different views which will help them in their understanding of the …show more content…
I love to learn, and research new topics. I enjoyed reading about culture as well as watching the videos and even researched culture in education a bit further on my own. I plan on reading more about different cultures that I will be teaching. Fresno is almost fifty percent Hispanic, and the majority of the students I come across on a daily basis are Hispanic. I would like to learn more about the Hispanic culture and I would also love to learn Spanish. I know some, but not enough to communicate with my students. One of my goals after I finish the credential program is to learn

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