Essay on Cultural Changes : Cultural Change

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Cultural Change
When we talk about culture we are talking about what in man is learned. This can include many different aspects. Its span can go from music to food to religion. The methods that are employed to transmute these learned skills or traits can also be considered culture. The one definite is that if it is not biologically inherited it is somehow learned. The reasons for cultural changes can be singular or multifaceted. Something like a prolonged drought can change farming patterns or a challenge by a president and the realization that other counties are technologically advance can be the impetus for a country to embrace science and math.
Before we continue the forces of cultural change need to be briefly gone over. These forces of change are being re-looked at by anthropologist as more is learned from the different societies, Anthropologist are now starting to think that most societies did in fact have some contact with other societies. This contact would have been through trade. An example of this is that the Ju/’hoansi had access to iron tool and arrows before they started working on Bantu farms or even marrying each other. The anthropologist Richard Lee notes that in oral stories the trades between these two cultures is told. When you consider the Dani and one of their primary staples being sweet potato one also has to acknowledge that the sweet potato is originally a South American food. In both cases you see where trades have greatly affected the…

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