Cultural Awareness And Social Awareness Essay

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1. Cultural Awareness was something that I thought I had a grasp on before entering this class. I felt like I was a very open person, but after completing this class and looking back on the readings and assignments, I realized that there are several layers to cultural awareness. Nieto & Bode (2008) point out that “before we can ask schools to change in order to teach all students, we need to understand the differences that students bring with them to school” (p. 171). It is one thing to know that different cultures exist, but it is another to be in contact with and to connect with different cultures. In my classroom, I know that I will have students from all different cultures and in order to make them feel accepted, I need to have an understanding and knowledge about that culture.
2. Bilingual Education is a big topic that impacted me the most during this course. As a first language English speaker, I did not realize the privilege I had going to school. I never thought about how English learners would feel in a classroom speaking a language they barely understand. After reading about Prop 227 and watching the video about the Lemon Grove Incident, it was amazing to me how much negative attention was drawn to teaching bilingual classes. In my choice group, we learned about World languages and how that has affected policy in the United States. When we were tasked with watching a foreign film without subtitles, I was put in a similar situation that a non-English speaker in an…

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