Cross Dressing Essay

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Introduction Cross Dressing has been at the center of debate for many years. There are conflicting opinions concerning the origin of the behavior and individuals that behave in this manner. The purpose of this discussion is to research human sexuality of cross dressing as it relates to psychology. We will investigate the findings published in several books and journals concerning cross dressing. The research will also focus on the treatments that are available for individuals that cross dress and their families. Let’s begin our discussion by defining cross dressing and the psychological factors that can lead to the behavior. Cross Dressing Defining Cross Dressing can be a rather arduous task because it is a complex subject. …show more content…
Less than 10% of the androphilic transsexuals indicated that the female clothes were erotically attractive. Bentler found that among surgically sex reassigned men, 50% of "heterosexuals", 23% of "homosexuals" and 18% of "asexual" cases were sexually aroused while cross dressed. Although it has been argued that transsexuals are androphilic and not fetishistic, a small number of them do seem to be fetishistic. Buhrich and McConaghy argue that there are two discrete syndromes in transsexualism, one comprising a fetishistic arousal to female garments, the other not. The fetishists are more likely to be gynephilic in orientation and experience, that is, they seem to be transvestites. Existing studies confuse cross-dressing and sex object preference. In addition, they never examine the "fetishism" phallometrically but beg the question by saying the fetishists masturbate in female attire. It is noteworthy that their transsexuals' sexual fantasies were predominantly of being a woman whereas their female sex partner was a man.” (Langevin)
Treatment for Cross Dressers

The author of the book, Cross Dressing, Sex and Gender, explains that many transsexual individuals that cross dress may seek treatment. The book contends that in many cases the families of cross-dressers seek help to aid them in coping with this lifestyle. (Bullough) The author asserts that if a married couple that wants to stay together is seeking counseling, the wife must attempt

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