Cross Cultural Perspectives Essay

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Cross-Cultural Perspectives
Michella Amonson
January 16, 2014
Mr. Harralson

Cross-Cultural Perspectives

This paper is an overview and analysis of the ethical perspective and cultural issues that a global organization faces when interacting outside the United States. I will address and identify the cultural and ethical perspective of the global organization named Walmart. I will also analyze ethical and social responsibility issues that WalMart deals with as a result of being a global organization. I will further compare these ethical perspectives with other cultures that do business with Walmart.

Walmart’s Ethical Perspective
Walmart belief is built on a foundation of integrity , values of honesty,
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All associates are instructed to never cover up or ignore any ethical conduct problem. They are encouraged to seek guidance and address matters in a timely matter, and self-report any wrongdoing to lighten the disciplinary actions for the breach in behavior. Walmart provides training and role plays through questionable ethical behavioral scenarios to ensure every CEO and associate knows how to act with integrity lead by example. Maintaining an excellent reputation is critical to maintaining 105 million global shoppers weekly.
The vision of Walmart’s Global Ethics Office is to promote ownership of ethical culture to all stakeholders globally. Since Walmart’s associates are citizens of many countries, their operations are subject to many different laws, customs, and cultures.When the laws of two or more countries conflict, Walmart will modify the Statement of Ethics to conform to changes in laws and customs as necessary.
Social and Ethical Responsibility
Walmart’s commitment to global responsibility is to make a difference to its customers, communities and associates by helping them live better. They do this by accepting social responsibility, environmental responsibility, and by providing opportunities to associates. Walmart’s social responsibility acts are accomplished by charitable community contributions, providing skills and training to women, introducing healthier food plans and educating manufactures of safe working environments. Walmart assumed

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