Cross Cultural Perspectives Essay

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Cross Cultural Perspectives
M Viens
November 24, 2014
Aubrey Weekes

Cross Cultural Perspectives

The Walmart Corporation is a large, major, and successful retailer in the United States. Walmart’s attempt at branching out in countries such as China, Mexico, Brazil, and Germany has failed. Globally Walmart is not performing well; they have had difficulties in these countries. Their global revenues, “grew by a mere 1% in 2013, and its revenue per square feet declined by 4.2%” (Team, 2014). The China market does not add much to Walmart’s profits, but it is important to Walmart in regards to enduring perspective. Mexico is a principle global site, but there are many problems there also. In Germany, Walmart failed
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One country that Walmart instituted American standards is Germany. According to Walmart’s code of conduct, associates of Walmart are to smile at all customers while bagging the purchase. Smiling at customers is not natural in business and created misunderstandings as German people thought the associates were flirting with them. Walmart also gives motivational meetings that end in a “Walmart, Walmart, Walmart” chant at the end (Kwintessential, 2014). German people found this strange, and useless. These issues aided Walmart into changing their policies and practices in the stores. The daily meeting was also reduced worldwide, first to once a week, then to once a month, and now they are optional (Landler,2006). Walmart pulled out of Germany during 2006. Associates are stakeholders that need to be treated with respect as they are the people that customers come into contact with daily. Stakeholders are customers, associates, suppliers, and shareholders, and each has a code of ethics, which should practice honesty, and exhibit integrity. Walmart has also found that ethical issues have become clear. Foreign customers found it unethical in the way employees handled the produce, and they see it as a health risk (Lutz, 2013). In these countries, Walmart employees do not handle produce; they put the manufacture crates directly on

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