Cross Cultural Etiquette And Communication Essay

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Cross-Cultural Etiquette and Communication in Global Business
A critical Review of Okoro, Ephraim, "Cross-Cultural Etiquette and Communication in Global Business: Toward a Strategic Framework for Managing Corporate Expansion." International Journal of Business and Management 7.16 (2012): 130-8. ProQuest. Web. 19 Mar. 2015. Using Hofstede’s renowned cultural dimensions, Okoro (130-8) explores the effect of culture on globalization. The author starts by taking note of the increasingly growing trend towards globalization alongside the manner in which it has affected modern business operations. Okoro (130) further reports that there are manifold benefits related to the trend and that modern businesses must develop cultural competency in order to survive in their endeavors. Global workforce diversity and cross-cultural etiquette management are some of the ways the author avers may promote success in the global arena. Conversely, he shares the view that inadequate acculturation and cultural imperialism may frustrate the desire to expand operations beyond geographical boundaries. To the extent that the study is explanatory, the author proposes a strategic framework for success in worldwide competitiveness via cultural sensitivity, awareness, and reciprocity. Effective cross-cultural business etiquette is central to the success of global businesses.
Okoro (130) opens his account by acknowledging the fact that the modern…

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