Cross-Cultural Communication Essay

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Cross-Cultural Communication Paper
Arab World v/s Bulgaria

MBA 501 – Business Communications and Research Methods
Cross-Cultural Communication Paper
December 5, 2011

Arab World is rather heterogeneous group of nations and tribes who live in 22 states, counts more than 350 million people spread on bigger than Europe territory with very long distances - 7800 km. from East to West (United Nation Website, 2008). However based on common religion, origin and cultural roots many authors talk for "Arabs" making assumptions and conclusions. On the other hand different historical paths, isolation between remote groups and stage of development are the most probable reason for discrepancies and controversies found in the sources when the
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Moreover, they remain too long dependent on their parents or families, what is typical for many southern nations (Feghali, 1997). The difference comes when you start talking about business. While in the Arab World these family relationships are transferred into the business, as will be discussed below (Beamer; Varner, 2008) the Bulgarians are ambitious individualists in terms of personal career development. Another difference observed is high level of hierarchy in Arab families and respect the authority of the oldest male in the family or family business, respectively, what affects and business relationships, as these concepts are transferred to business partners (Beamer, Varner, 2008). Fast urbanization in the middle of the 50s to mid-80s in Bulgaria led to a phenomenon: significant weakening of the hierarchical attitudes in families and in particular the authority of elderly members, since a huge number of young people were physically separated from their families, while a strong adherence and readiness for mutual assistance between members of one family remained almost untouched.
Hospitality is a remarkable national and cultural feature for both cultures from foreigners’ point of view. Under the influence of Western culture there is a change observed in Bulgaria recent decades. For example, more and more families prefer to meet with friends not at home and even celebrate birthdays and other family events in the

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