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Theory Critique of the Human Caring Theory
Adele Wolf
Maryville University
NUR 600
October 03, 2012

Theory Critique of the Human Caring Theory
The Theory of Human Caring was written by Jean Watson. This model consists of ten carative factors to assist nurses with caring for their patients. Dr. Watson calls this a transpersonal relationship. Watson defines transpersonal care ‘as the capacity of one human being to receive another human being’s expression of feelings and to experience those feelings for oneself’ (Walker, 1996, p. 992). It is much more than a scripted therapeutic response, it is a moral duty that rises from within the nurse, and Watson identifies nursing as both an art and a science. The first premise of this
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According to Watson, ‘A model of caring science that goes beyond an intellectualization of the topic invites us into a timeless yet timely space to revisit this perennial phenomenon of the human condition (Watson, 2008, p. 58).
Critics of Watson’s work have concentrated on the use of undefined or changing/shifting definitions and terms and her focus on the psychosocial rather than the pathophysiological aspects of nursing (Alligood & Tomey, 2010, p. 101). Watson tends to explain abstract phenomena by using ordinary language in extraordinary ways. Watson’s propensity toward metaphorical expression adds urgency to her moral message for nursing (Walker, 1996).
Watson draws on a number of disciplines to formulate her theory. To understand the theory as it is presented, the reader does best by being familiar with the broad subject matter. The theory is more about being than about doing, and it must be internalized thoroughly by the nurse if it is to be actualized in practice. Health as harmonious unity of mind-body-soul recapitulates emphasis on human idealism inspires nurses to readopt or realign themselves with a commitment to care (Walker, 1996). Basic concepts and premises appeal to nurses trying to ‘carve out’ a caring practice in the context of contemporary health care.
Watson’s theory seeks to provide a moral and philosophical basis for nursing. The scope of the framework

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