Essay about Critical Thinking Theory Of Teaching

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Randall Braman, author of Teaching Peace to Adults: Using Critical Thinking to Improve Conflict Resolution, believes that the key to peaceful conflict resolution is teaching critical thinking skills to adults. The critical thinking process will show them new ways of thinking and alter their perspectives on conflict. Ultimately, this will create a more peaceful environment for the individuals as well as society as a whole. Braman utilizes Jack Mezirow’s and Stephen Brookfield’s theoretical models of critical thinking to explain how critical thinking affects people’s thoughts and views. Mezirow’s model states that people learn how to decipher situations they encounter as a young child. People develop their own perspectives about the way things are and the way things work. These assumptions affect the way they see and relate to society. Teaching adults critical thinking will give them the tools they need to analyze these beliefs. Presented by differing viewpoints, people will eventually reshape their way of thinking and the way they view the world. Brookfield agrees that it is important for people to recognize assumptions and inquire as to why they think though situations the way they do. This process allows people to see that there are other valid viewpoints. Teaching peaceful conflict resolution begins with instructors educating students on critical thinking, which will assist the students in becoming aware of assumptions that are affecting their beliefs regarding…

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