Operation Orange Report: Effective Critical Thinking Skills

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Operation Orange Report
One individual can’t accomplish what a group can accomplish. As Kevin Blanchard stated “None of us are as smart as all of us.” A group is significantly smarter than one individual. There are diverse opinions, thoughts, values, and backgrounds within a group. Groups are capable of solving various problems. From little concerns to massive problems globally, economically, and locally, groups can overcome anything that crosses their path. If it wasn’t for the committee of five, who knows what our country would be like in the present day. Would we be independent, would we be The United States of America, or would we be Great Brittan? Like the committee of five, most groups agree to disagree and accept their differences. However,
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In order to be an effective critical thinker, you need to be open minded, ask probing questions, be active in assessing information, and have a positive environment that promotes critical thinking. In order for my group to achieve our goals we needed effective critical thinking skills. Our environment was very inviting which made us discuss anything that needed to be discussed. When discussing an issue we use evidence, not opinions. We also used sound arguments and used logic. For example, while we were discussing the solution to our problem we all reasoned with each other and based our reasoning on facts not opinions. Also, throughout the project, my group has established, successful problem solving skills. We all have different opinions and ways we view things. We worked together to research and conduct a plan on how to eliminate group stereotypes. Meg, Megan, and I have been working on the research portion of the project. We determine what sources are credible and what is fact or opinion. Our group also came up with many different solutions, but we narrowed it down and, after much discussion, all agreed on one single solution. Our solution is viable and achievable. Not only did my group have great problem solving skills we also had great conflict management skills. There are five conflict management styles in all. The first one is avoidance, you say nothing. The next one is a competition, where you push for your own point of view without regard for the other person. The third style is compromise, each person gives up something. The fourth style is accommodation, giving in to the other persons wishes. Finally the last and in my opinion the best, collaboration which is working together for a mutually satisfactory solution (Adams, 2015). When my group had an issue we used collaboration as our conflict management style. For example when my group was discussing what our solution was and how we were

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