Essay about Critical Review Of Quantitative Research

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Critical Review of Quantitative Research

This paper is a critical review of the empirical research study (Weigle, 2010), Validation of automated scores of TOEFL iBT tasks against not-test indicators of writing ability. TOEFL iBT is the acronym for the Test of English as a Foreign Language internet-based test. The topic of Weigle’s study is the validity of automated scores produced using the computer program e-rater.

Weigle (2010) builds up a convincing rationale in her introduction and literature review. Creswell (2014, pp.78, 84, 85) describes, in a five-part template, how to write a ‘statement of the problem’ section, these five aspects being:
(1) the topic; (2) the research program; (3) a justification of the importance of the problem as found in the past research and in practice; (4) the deficiencies in our existing knowledge about the problem; (5) the audiences that will benefit from a study of the problem.

Weigle’s (2010, p.335, 336) ‘statement of the problem’ section contains the first four out of five of the aspects suggested by Creswell, and is written clearly. In the first paragraph, Weigle (p.335) mentions that automated scoring potentially could have significant benefits, saying that ‘automated scoring of writing has the potential to dramatically reduce the time and costs associated with large-scale writing assessment’. Then, Weigle (2010) states that a large proportion of the research on automated scoring has ‘compared…

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