Critical Components Of The Decision Making Process Essay

800 Words Jan 12th, 2016 4 Pages
There are several critical components a leader must consider during the decision making process if he/she expects the school/community stakeholders to support whatever he/she decides is the best course of action to take. Some leadership decisions are fairly easy to make because certain legal aspects or board policy is the only alternative, or the decision is clearly the best thing to do for students. However, there are time when deciding what to do is not so easy. There are times when a leader has to choose a course of action from several alternative solutions some of which may have only subtle differences. In addition, there are times when it may seem a good solution does not exist. These kinds of troublesome situations put the leader in a very difficult position indeed! Arriving at a decision that others will support or at least accept can be made somewhat less contentious by understanding some of the factors that typically influence a leader’s decision. If he/she doesn’t know the personal factors that tend to drive his/her thoughts, decisions and actions, he/she will more often than not see his/her decisions or actions come under serious fire from stakeholders. This is especially true whenever questions of ethics are involved. Fortunately, leaders who know their personal (perspectives) factors (perceptions) are in a better position to make the best possible decision based - on the best most current information available during the deliberation process. Here are some do’s…

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