Critical Analysis: Three Ineffective Crisis Counseling Techniques

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Three Ineffective Crisis Counseling Techniques
The first ineffective crisis counseling techniques was answering the phone while a client is explaining their deeps emotion (Laureate Education. (Producer)., 2010). The reason for choosing this ineffective, because it show the damage it has on the client as well as the counselor. The counselor tried to paraphrase after the call, but gave the wrong age of the child. I would have not had my phone on during a session. I see that as rude and disrespectful. The second ineffective crisis counseling techniques was poor body language (Laureate Education. (Producer)., 2010). When the counselor crossed her legs, she withdraws away from the client. Counselors have to be aware of their own feelings and emotions. I would have not turned my body away from the client by being overwhelm by her story. It is common for counselor to have emotions, but I have to know that I am there for the client. The third crisis counseling techniques was when the counselor was looking at her watch (Laureate Education. (Producer)., 2010). It made the client feel like she had somewhere more important to be than there with her. I would set the office up with a clock on the wall behind the client so that I could keep up with the time.
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It allows counselors in training to learn what not to do in counseling sessions. It also help counselors with ideas of ways of setting their office up that can be more effect. For example, the counselors should have a clock that they can glance at so that there is no distraction during the sessions. Train their secretaries not to disturb when a session is going on unless it is something life threatens or family emergency. Training is vital for any counselor, but all counselors need to have some type of training in crisis counseling (James et. al.,

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