Critical Analysis : ' There Is No Proper English ' Essay

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Critical Analysis

Is structure important when we write our essay and will our essay be polished without a structure? This essay is based on one of the argumentative essays that I did for one of my subject, Language, Culture and Society. I had to go through an article entitled “There is no proper English” and state whether I agreed or disagreed with Oliver Kamm. I personally did agree with some parts of his article and disagreed with other parts because it didn’t feel right to me. I explained about how English is one of the most important languages in this generation and how much it matters no matter where you go. For this critical analysis, I will mainly focus on the structure of my previous essay and discuss the ways I can improve structuring an essay. This is one of the main tool box elements that I have chosen because without structure it is definitely hard to read in a flow and sometimes readers would feel like this essay doesn’t sounds readable at all. I choose to focus on the sequence of my structure and the weather or not I link each of the sentences or body paragraph correctly so that the reader understands.

First and foremost, the essay that I wrote has a lot of common errors often students make. One of the error that I have found in my essay is I didn’t add in a thesis statement for my introduction. Thesis statement is always important because it is the starting point of an essay. What…

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