Critical Analysis Of Teaching As A Vocation By Duane Huber

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After reading the article “Teaching as a Vocation” by Duane Huber, I can see how the teaching profession has changed, yet remained the same, since this article was written. I am able to completely understand the basic concept behind the article, but I don’t feel that the power struggle between teachers and administration that the author speaks of is as intense as what is described. The author also speaks of the ‘vulnerability’ of teachers, which is another concept that I don’t quite agree with. There are several points made in this article that I feel have evolved in the two decades since this article was written. In the introduction of the article Huber describes teaching as a vocation, or a career that a person is “called to”. I think …show more content…
The benefits of teachers working together have been proven time and time again, which is why Education majors are required to student teach before setting out on their own.. A strong teacher community is something that will greatly benefit not only teachers, but students as well. Huber writes, “We are required to be comfortable with reasonable doubt, openness, and unsure-ness, if we are to respond afresh to that which is given afresh. But it is this very openness and doubt that is the source of the insecurity and fallibility of teachers.” (384) Once again, this is an idea that I agree with the concept of. Teachers are indeed required to be open-minded, but I do not feel that this can be construed as a weakness. The ability to be open-minded to other perspectives different than your own is a strength that most teachers try to pass on to their students. Huber also states his opinion that teachers should be free to express their personal values in the classroom and not being able to do so lower their effectiveness as a teacher. Right now a lot of focus is being given to Kim Davis in the media. Mrs. Davis was a county clerk in Kentucky who denied marriage licenses to same-sex couples, even though they were granted that right by law, because it went against her personal beliefs. This is a prime example of the inability to be open-minded, and I see a weakness where Mr. Huber would see strength. Mrs. Davis stood by her values by refusing to issue the licenses but it did nothing to strengthen her effectiveness at her job. The same principle is applied to how teachers interact with their

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